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  • Easy to use ratings icons
  • Compare brands on ownership and assessment
  • Company profile pages with brand ownership tree
  • Assessment from over 150 sources
  • Key areas covering Animal, People, Enviroment and Business ethics
  • Key Issues for specific product types
  • Action points for every issue
  • Give feedback to companies
  • Links to exisitng campaigns and petitions
  • Color and letter sequence rating system (new for 2015)
  • Free data updates - every 3 months
  • Includes Food & Drink, Household & Personal care and more
  • New sections for Clothing and Electronics (new for 2015)

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Get the low-down on the environmental and social track-record of the companies behind common brands. The Shop Ethical! app provides instant access to over 5,000 products available on Australian shelves.

The most popular digital guide to ethical shopping in Australia. Shop Ethical! allows you to make informed purchasing decisions. Make a difference through your everyday shopping choices!

Shop Ethical! is available for $4.49. Download for your native platform!

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What People Are Saying About Shop Ethical!

“Opened my eyes for sure. This app has been invaluable for helping me make informed shopping decisions. I am time-poor, so the fact that the developers have done all the research for me makes this app really handy.”

- Brooke Ottley, September 2014

“Cruelty free app - Love this! It's perfect for any shoppers who want to make better choices. The app includes brands that aren't too bad, great brands and the worst offenders. I can make a best buy.”

- Grace Lambert-Smith, March 2014em>

“I never rate apps but... ...this one is worth it! Incredibly well researched and up to date. Every conscious consumer should be using this! ”

- Liss Whitam, January 2015

“Because the app has details on reasons companies have received praise or criticism I am able to look particularly at issues that are close to my heart and support or boycott companies accordingly.”

- Stacy Avison, December 2014

“Fantastic app. The information is so easy to access - it has allowed me to shop with specific issues in mind.”

- Tobi White, September 2013