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Barcode scan

Shop Ethical! have recently introduced barcode scanning for the Android and iPhone app. This requires smartphones running Android 4.0 or iOS 7.0, or later. If you have a smartphone runing an older operating system you can still access Shop Ethical! data using this Barcode scanner and your phone's web browser. Make an informed choice everytime you shop... and check out our new company snapshots!

How to install and use Shop Ethical! Barcode scan

Download and install one of the following free barcode scanning apps.
For iPhone or Android, respectively:

ZBAR barcode reader ZXING barcode scanner

1. Open the app and click on 'settings'

2. Choose 'custom search URL' and enter one of the following address:

  • http://barcode.ethical.org.au/i? (for ZBAR-iphone)
  • http://barcode.ethical.org.au/?q=%s (for ZXING-Android)

3. Return to the home screen and scan the barcode of the item.

4. Press the 'custom search' button and you will be taken to the company snaphot for the brand owner.

5. Press back button to return to the scanning app and scan a new item.

6. If no item is found in our database, you have the option to put in the details for the new item. Follow the prompts then submit.